How To Get Low Tickets Flight Prices ? Become A Flight Booking Ninja !

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February 27, 2023
Low tickets flight prices

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It's the question we've all asked ourselves when things get a little tight: how to get low tickets flight prices ? Actually, it's not just "a little" tight. It's getting harder and harder to find affordable flights, especially on long-distance trips.

Flights are often the biggest expense when planning a trip, especially now with flight prices skyrocketing … but they don't have to be. By using the right tools, having the right mindset, and employing some money-saving strategies, you can cut the cost of your typical flights in half – or more. You don't have to be a pro: just apply a few rules !

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to find low tickets flight prices includes all the details you need to know, from deciding where and when to go, to finding great airfare discounts, to become a flight booking Ninja !

Be conscious of the low tickets flight prices myths !

Use Incognito Mode or Private Browsing

Time for a quick round of Truth or Myth. If you've ever searched online for tips on how to discover inexpensive flights, you've probably heard of the popular tip to search for and purchase flights incognito mode (private browsing).

Using incognito mode makes sense because airlines track our searches and raise rates when they notice that we often look at the same flights. Is this true? Can using incognito mode while browsing allow you to get low tickets flight prices ?

No, this one is a MYTH, sadly. I used to believe this and tested it numerous times with no success.The notion is refuted by numerous research published online. If you've ever found a flight that was less expensive while browsing incognito, it was probably because flight prices are always fluctuating rather than because you did so.

Book your flight a certain time of day or a certain days of the week !

Booking your journey at a specific time of day or on specific days of the week would be the second cheap flight tip, this is UNTRUE ! When it comes to making the reservation, there is no best or worst day. You won't get a better rate on your flight by booking on a Tuesday or at a late hour.

The cost of flights is continuously fluctuating. A flight will cost more if there is a great demand for it. A flight will be less expensive if there is less demand. Whether or not you are looking for that flight on Monday at 04:00 a.m. or Tuesday at 11:00 p.m.

Tip #1 : Get low tickets flight prices by flying on specific days and times !

Flying on specific days of the week or at specific times is another trick you frequently hear about to get low tickets flight prices. This is different from the the low tickets flight prices myth below, because it was when you book the flight, when this one is in reference to when the flight is actually departing. And for some good news, this one is actually true. The good news is that this is actually true. Additionally, being aware of how to apply this technique could result in big savings on your airline ticket. Since most people don't want to fly early in the morning or late at night, there is less demand for these flights, which causes ticket costs to drop to encourage people to purchase seats on them.

The same laws of supply and demand that will lower prices during unfavorable times will also lower airline fares on particular days of the week when fewer people are flying. The busiest days for travel are Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Avoiding these periods and travelling during the week when most people are still at work will likely result in you having a ticket that is less in demand and hence less expensive.

Tip #2: Keep your options open and reserve your flights first !

When it comes to travel, there's a familiar script: choose a destination, organize your dates, book your flights, and go. There's just one problem: that procedure is costing you money.

Setting your travel dates in advance before purchasing flights is the single most expensive travel-planning mistake you can make, costing you hundreds of dollars. It's time to kick the habit. Turn that script on its head and begin by looking for flights, allowing the price guide you to the cheapest dates available.

If you can be flexible with your trip dates, you can sometimes save a lot of money on flights by slightly adjusting your initial travel dates.

Start with Google Flight, your best friend to get low tickets flight prices !

There are thousands of websites that promising to help you find low tickets flight prices.

Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Skyscanner, and other well-known travel search engines are not like Google Flights.

You actually book your airline, hotel, cruise, or other travel arrangements using any of those websites, which are referred to as online travel agents, or OTAs. In contrast, Google Flights is a global distribution platform where airlines directly publish their airfare.

Google Flights is by far the greatest flight bargain search engine available ! It is the best place to start any search for low tickets flight prices. Other search engines just lack its wealth of potent features.

So, here are some of our best Google Flights tips:

  • Google Flights will notify you if changing your vacation dates by only one or two days will save you a ton of money. You might not be able to benefit if your hotel reservations are already made.
  • Additionally, Google Flights provides a helpful calendar feature that will show you the most affordable trip dates by highlighting them in green. To see the savings, it is simple to jump from month to month.
  • To find the flights you desire, use the following filters: We'd all prefer to travel nonstop, right? Finding only nonstop flights is simple using this feature. Just bear in mind that one-stop flights on other carriers frequently result in cost savings, particularly if you're flying internationally.
  • Look for the airlines you want: Are you a devoted Delta supporter? Want to just travel with United or other Star Alliance airlines? The airline alliances feature in Google Flights makes it simple to limit your search results to particular airlines.
  • Look in several cities to discover the best deals: There is no other city search engine that can search seven cities at once for both the departure and the destination. It's especially helpful if you're looking for international flights and unsure of whether flying into Rome (FCO) or even flying directly to Venice (VCE) or Milan will be more affordable (MXP). The best deal can also be important to you if you're traveling to Asia from the West Coast and wish to leave from San Francisco (SFO), San Diego (SAN), Los Angeles (LAX), or Seattle (SEA).
  • Utilize Google Flights Explore: This is excellent for when you simply need an inexpensive vacation somewhere. There are a few other flight search engines with comparable functionality, but none are as strong. Simply start with the airport from which you are departing, then type in a nation, a region, or simply scroll the map to begin looking for discounts.
  • Use price alerts: Google Flights will assist you in finding cheap flights that will allow you to fly anywhere at any time. This flexibility is fantastic. Another reason we love this search engine is the capability to monitor prices and receive alerts when they change for the particular dates you need to travel. No other search engine for flights performs it better. Learn more about how to create and use price alerts for Google Flights.
  • Watch your carbon footprint: Even if it might not enable you to save money, it is nevertheless crucial. By enabling users to compare the carbon emissions between every flight, which vary based on the type of aircraft and the route, Google Flights began to go green in 2021. Choose the more ecologically friendly flight since you're already saving money by utilizing Google Flights to discover the lowest airfare.

Why are flights cheaper on third party sites ?

Orbitz, Expedia, Kayak, Priceline, Kiwi.

You are familiar with them, and perhaps you always use them to make hotel or flight reservations. Online travel agencies, or OTAs, go by these names and many others. These are some of the most well-known flight search engines to look for a deal, from the well-known to the lesser-known.

While we advise readers that Google Flights is the best search engine for finding discounts, OTAs do have their place, you can get some prices on well-known, it's a one-stop shop for booking flight !

Tip #3 : Book in advance to have several chances to get low tickets flight prices !

According to a CheapAir study from 2021, the optimum time to buy aircraft tickets for a domestic journey is 64 days before your travel date. Keeping in mind that this is an average, you shouldn't book your flight exactly 64 days prior to departure, but rather look into flights around that time.

Seasonality plays a significant role as well. According to CheapAir, the best deals on flights could be found 67 days before a summer trip, 94 days before a winter trip, 84 days before a spring trip, and 89 days before an autumn trip.

For international, it advices to book your flight 8 to 10 months (300 days) in advance to get low tickets flight prices !

Tip #4  : Be friends with low cost airlines and save money with low tickets flight prices !

Booking with a low-cost airline like Ryanair, Norwegian, or Spirit would be the next popular flight booking tip to reduce the cost of your airline ticket. It is true that low-cost airlines provide tickets for as little as $5. So certainly, by making a reservation with one of these low cost airlines, you can indeed snag an absurdly inexpensive airfare. This is where I would actually say that this is a myth, though, so heed the warning.

Although the cost of your journey may be less than if you had booked with a traditional airline, the entire cost of your flight may be much higher. Budget airlines will charge you for everything, which might cause your flight prices to soar, unlike a major carrier like Delta or United Airlines.

Our advice:  ALWAYS read the small print and follow these steps:

  • Check the location of the airport (some budget airlines fly to airports further out of town).
  • Make sure your luggage allowance has been scheduled and paid for. Observe the limitations on the maximum number, size, and weight of bags. If you are overweight, some airlines (like Ryanair) will impose exorbitant fees. Keep in mind that the reason why budget flights are less expensive than standard airlines is because you just pay for the precise amount of luggage you require!
  • Read the fine print. The clearest illustration is that if you don't check in online ahead of time and print your boarding card or use their mobile boarding pass, Ryanair WILL CHARGE A €/£55 AIRPORT CHECK-IN FEE. The first sentence of your e-confirmation has a clear notice about this fee that is written in all capital letters. Simply put, always read and adhere to directions!

Be flexible, be aware of the rules and constraints of the low-cost airline if you want to find the best deal on a flight !

An extensive list of low-cost airlines from across the world is provided below.

Budget Airlines in the U.S.

Budget Airlines in Canada

Budget Airlines in Central and South America

Budget Airlines in Europe

Budget Airlines in Asia & Australia

Tip #5 : Use a VPN and find the cheapest location to book low tickets flight prices !

Another popular technique is to use a VPN to hide your location when searching for and purchasing flights. A virtual private network, or VPN, enables you to alter the IP address of your computer and appear to be in a different location. According to the hypothesis, flight options and costs may vary depending on the nation from which you're viewing them. By simply altering your virtual location, you may compare prices from all around the world easily with a VPN.

According to the argument, searching from a lower-income nation like India will result in lower flight pricing than searching from a higher-income nation like the US. So, for instance, you might see a flight from London to Paris for a lower price if you're sitting in India than if you're in the US. Considering the same flight. By simply altering your virtual location, you may compare prices from all around the world easily with a VPN.

If you don't already use one, a VPN is a fantastic and affordable way to add extra security to any online browsing you conduct. Using a VPN has a lot of benefits aside from Internet security. Personally, I constantly use mine. Although I live in Canada, I frequently set my location to the US. just so I can watch Netflix. I considerably prefer the American choices of movies and TV series to what is available in Canada.

Tip #6 : Be aware of the 24-Hour Airline Rule

This one isn't going to save you money on your ticket, but it is a flight booking myth that I'd want to dispel. Tickets that are nonrefundable are nonrefundable. That is untrue !Even if you book a nonrefundable flight, you have 24 hours to cancel it without paying any fees if the flight is leaving from, coming into, or touching down in the United States.

Be sure to book the flight directly with the airline because third party sites like Expedia or Flight Network are not required to abide by this restriction. Now, on to the flight booking advice that will help you find a cheap flight.

Tip #7 : Book low tickets flight prices with your crypto !

People can explore the actual world with their virtual possessions thanks to Travala. The most prominent blockchain-based travel booking platform in the world since its launch in 2017.

The protocol links users to a variety of travel locations throughout the world. The ability for clients to pay in several crypto assets, such as $BTC, $ETH, and $BNB, is crucial.

Users can book flights (return and one way) on Travala. Like booking for hotels, users can search their flight destinations and add the number of occupants. Travala offers deals on more than 600 airlines worldwide !

Travala appears to be an excellent option for utilizing cryptocurrency to book your travel (flights, hotels, and more). However, it also supports payment by credit/debit card, making it a more appealing option for many customers since it is not just limited to cryptocurrencies.

The user base is gradually expanding, and Travala has partnerships with many different platforms, such as Expedia and Viator. Overall, Travala appears like an excellent alternative for cryptocurrency users who intend to live off of cryptocurrencies or are searching for other methods to spend their coins !

To sum up

There you go. All it takes to start flying more frequently for less money is that. There is no secret to how to purchase low tickets flight prices, nor is there a secret day or hour to find the best deals. Using the proper resources and, more importantly, adopting the proper mindset are the only ways to find less expensive flights.

By rethinking your flight booking strategy, you can save hundreds of dollars on your subsequent trip. If you do, you'll learn that finding low tickets flight prices isn't difficult at all and that there is a whole new world of inexpensive flights.

To summarize :

  • Tip #1 : Get low tickets flight prices by flying on specific days and times !
  • Tip #2: Keep your options open and reserve your flights first ! Start with Google Flight, your best friend to get low tickets flight prices, and check on third party sites such as Expedia or Viator if you can find flights cheaper !
  • Tip #3 : Book in advance to have several chances to get low tickets flight prices !
  • Tip #4 : Be friends with low cost airlines and save money with low tickets flight prices !
  • Tip #5 : Use a VPN and find the cheapest location to book low tickets flight prices !
  • Tip #6 : Be aware of the 24-Hour Airline Rule
  • Tip #7 : Book low tickets flight prices with your crypto !

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