A Guide to the 5 Best Chocolates in Latin America: Celebrating World Chocolate Day

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July 3, 2023
Best Chocolates in Latin America

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Latin America, a region known for its vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes, is also home to some of the world's finest cacao beans. This region boasts a rich history and tradition of chocolate making that dates back to ancient cultures, such as the Maya and the Aztecs. At Travel Differently, we aim to support local communities and promote responsible tourism by connecting you with unique, immersive experiences that celebrate the region's cultural treasures.

In honor of World Chocolate Day on July 7th, we've handpicked the 5 best chocolates in Latin America. These chocolates are crafted by local artisans and chocolatiers who are passionate about their craft and care deeply about the quality of their ingredients and the sustainable practices they employ. So, without further ado, let us embark on a decadent journey through Latin America and discover the best chocolates the region has to offer.

Discovering the Best Chocolate in Latin America

Best chocolates in Latin America

As we explore the enticing world of Latin America chocolates, you'll find that each one of these top five brands offers something unique and unforgettable. Whether you're a fan of rich, dark chocolate or prefer a more fruity and floral taste profile, the region has a chocolate to suit every palate. Let's dive into each brand and learn what sets them apart.

1- Ibarra, The Taste of Mexico

Best chocolates in Latin America

Ibarra is a traditional Mexican chocolate brand, renowned for its table chocolate, which is used in the preparation of the classic Mexican hot chocolate. A visit to Mexico wouldn't be complete without discovering its rich chocolate heritage, as you explore the authentic side of the Riviera Maya or embark on a 5-day adventure through the country's lush landscapes.

If you're ready to explore the rich flavors of Ibarra chocolate, you can order it directly. This delicacy is just a click away, ensuring a taste of Latin America delivered right to your doorstep. Click here to place your order now.

2- Ixcacao, Guatemala's Chocolate Secret

Best chocolates in Latin America

Ixcacao is a family-owned Guatemalan chocolatier that has been making chocolate for over thirty years. Nestled in the tropical forest mountains above Antigua, Guatemala, Ixcacao is committed to producing organic, handmade chocolate crafted from locally sourced ingredients. To fully immerse yourself in Guatemala's vibrant culture, you can join one of our 12-day tours that showcase the country's many wonders and hidden gems.

3- Cacaosuyo, Peru's Cocoa Treasure

Best chocolates in Latin America

Among the highlands of Peru's picturesque landscapes, you'll find the exquisite creations of Cacaosuyo. This acclaimed chocolate brand is made from cacao beans sourced from the country's highlands, lending a rich and complex flavor profile with notes of fruit and nuts. To explore more of Peru's culinary delights and ancient wonders, consider a unique Q'eros community experience or discover the Inca Spirit and the wonders of the Andes on one of our immersive tours.

4- Pacari, Ecuador's Organic Masterpiece

Best chocolates in Latin America

If you're in search of chocolate with fruity and floral notes, look no further than Pacari, a brand hailing from the Andean region of Ecuador. Made from organic cacao beans, this award-winning chocolate is not only a treat for the palate but also a champion of environmentally friendly and fair-trade practices. As you delve deeper into Ecuador's natural treasures, why not embark on an unforgettable 4-night rainforest adventure or experience the luxury eco-lodge nestled within the country's biodiverse landscapes?

5- El Rey, Venezuela's Chocolate Royalty

Best chocolates in Latin America

Our chocolate journey concludes in Venezuela with El Rey, a brand known for its rich and complex flavors. Derived from the finest Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans grown in the country's coastal region, El Rey chocolate is a testament to the quality and dedication that goes into crafting these delightful confections. Although Venezuela is not currently one of our featured destinations, we encourage you to stay tuned to Travel Differently for potential future opportunities to explore this fascinating country.

Table Summary: The 5 Best Chocolates of Latin America

Best Chocolate in Latin America History Specificity Country
Ibarra Ibarra is one of the most traditional Mexican chocolate brands, famous for its "table chocolate" used to make traditional Mexican hot chocolate. Known for its rich and complex flavors. Mexico 🇲🇽
Ixcacao Guatemala has a long history of cacao cultivation. Ixcacao is a Guatemalan chocolatier that has been making chocolate for thirty years. Their chocolate is handmade and organic. Handmade and organic chocolate. Guatemala 🇬🇹
Cacaosuyo Peru has a rich chocolate culture. Cacaosuyo is a Peruvian chocolate brand that uses highland cacao beans to create a rich and complex flavor with notes of fruit and nuts. Rich and complex flavor with notes of fruit and nuts. Peru 🇵🇪
Pacari Ecuador is known for its Andean cacao cultivation. Pacari is an Ecuadorian chocolate brand that uses organic cacao beans to create a chocolate with fruity and floral notes. Organic chocolate with fruity and floral notes. Ecuador 🇪🇨
El Rey Venezuela is known for its Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans. El Rey is a Venezuelan chocolate brand that uses these beans to create a chocolate with rich and complex flavors. Rich and complex flavors with Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans. Venezuela 🇻🇪

Exploring the Chocolate Varieties of Latin America

Best chocolates in Latin America

Latin America is celebrated for its array of fine flavor cacao, which provides the foundation for diverse types of chocolates. Delve into the exciting world of Latin America chocolate varieties:

  • Milk Chocolate: A beloved type of chocolate globally and certainly in Latin America. For instance, Chocosphere produces a distinctive, created from 45% single-origin cacao sourced from Costa Rica.
  • Dark Chocolate: Another favored variety in the region is dark chocolate. Brands like Meso Cacao are known for their dedication to Latin America cacao, including the refined dark chocolate couverture.
  • Flavored Chocolate: Latin America is lauded for the diversity of flavor profiles in its chocolates. Pacari, an Ecuadorian chocolate brand, presents an exciting array of flavored chocolates, including the exotic Andean Blueberry, Lemongrass, and Rose.
  • Single Origin Chocolate: Numerous Latin America chocolate makers offer single-origin chocolates, which means that the chocolate is produced from cacao beans sourced from a specific region or farm. Brands like Goodnow Farms provide a Latin America Collection featuring single-origin cacao from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

Latin America offers a delightful spectrum of chocolates, ranging from creamy milk chocolate to the profound dark chocolate, and from inventive flavored chocolate to the distinctive single-origin chocolate.

The Role of Chocolate in Latin America Cuisine

Best chocolates in Latin America

Chocolate enjoys a rich history in Latin America cuisine, with its uses spanning from culinary to medicinal and even ritualistic. Let's explore the fascinating traditional uses of chocolate in Latin America cuisine:

  • Chocolate Drink: Both the Aztecs and the Maya savored chocolate primarily as a beverage - unheated for the Aztecs and typically heated for the Maya. This chocolate drink was the preferred choice for the elites. The Maya and Aztecs used hot chilies, maize, spices, peanut butter, vanilla, and other enhancers to create a unique and luxurious chocolate beverage. In Mexico, cacao is commonly used in drinks, often prepared with chocolate or water.
  • Medicinal Uses: In Latin America, chocolate also found its purpose in medicine. Ancient civilizations like the Maya and Aztecs believed that cacao held the cure for various ailments, including fever, cough, and diarrhea.
  • Ritualistic Uses: Chocolate held numerous ritualistic and spiritual meanings for the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. The Maya and Aztecs revered cacao as a sacred food, often reserved for royalty and sacred ceremonies.

Through centuries, chocolate has remained a significant part of Latin America cuisine, with uses extending from the medicinal to the ritualistic. Whether savored as an elite beverage or believed to possess healing and spiritual properties, chocolate's role inLatin America's culinary history is truly profound.

Why Latin America Chocolates Stand Out

The unique Latin America chocolates that we've discovered throughout this guide stand out not only for their incredible flavors but also for the passionate artisans who create them. The commitment to handcrafting, organic farming, and unique cacao varieties makes these chocolates truly special and reflects the diverse landscapes and cultures of the region.

🍫 Celebrating World Chocolate Day: A Sweet Tradition 🍫

On July 7th, we celebrate a day that's sure to bring a smile to your face and a craving to your taste buds - World Chocolate Day! 🌍🍫 This global celebration is all about indulging in one of life's sweetest pleasures, chocolate. But why do we celebrate it, you ask? Let's dive into the delicious details.

World Chocolate Day is believed to commemorate the introduction of chocolate to Europe in the 16th century. Before this, chocolate was a well-kept secret of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations in Latin America. They revered the cacao bean and used it to create a bitter, frothy drink - quite different from the sweet treat we love today! 🍫🌰

When chocolate first arrived in Europe, it was still consumed as a luxury drink, only affordable by the elite. It wasn't until the 19th century, with the advent of modern manufacturing processes, that chocolate became the accessible delight we know and love. 🏭🍫

Today, we celebrate World Chocolate Day to honor this rich history and the joy that chocolate brings to our lives. It's a day to indulge in your favorite chocolate treats, whether that's a gourmet chocolate bar from Latin America, a comforting mug of hot cocoa, or a decadent chocolate dessert. 🍫🍪🧁

But World Chocolate Day isn't just about indulgence. It's also an opportunity to appreciate the journey of the cacao bean from tree to treat and to support sustainable and fair-trade chocolate practices. When we choose chocolates like the ones from Ibarra, Ixcacao, Cacaosuyo, Pacari, and El Rey, we're not just satisfying our sweet tooth - we're also supporting local communities and sustainable farming practices. 🌱👩‍🌾👨‍🌾

So, this World Chocolate Day, let's celebrate by savoring the best chocolates Latin America has to offer and appreciating the love, care, and tradition that goes into every bite. Happy World Chocolate Day! 🎉🍫🥳

Savor the Best Chocolates in Latin America with Travel Differently

Travel Differently is your gateway to the heart of Latin America's gastronomic and cultural wonders. By embarking on one of our authentic travel experiences, you not only have the opportunity to savor the region's finest chocolates but also contribute to local communities and support responsible tourism. Our immersive, small-group tours are designed by locals to ensure you experience the true spirit of each destination, while fostering meaningful connections with the people and places you encounter along the way.

So, let your taste buds be your guide as you lose yourself in the rich and diverse flavors of Latin America's finest chocolates, and remember, when you travel differently, you can transform tourism into a force for positive change.

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