This is how to " travel differently "

We transform the travel industry with a unique local experience that places at the heart of its priorities the local communities and the environment. Our focus is on responsible tourism with a strong social and environmental commitment.

We are committed to transforming the tourism industry by making travel more sustainable and respectful of local people and the environment.
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At Travel Differently, we believe in a better future for the travel industry. We offer tailor-made trips, programs 100% unique and designed by local experts, committed to the protection of cultures and the environment.

Our commitment

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A sustainable travel is all about :
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Going off the beaten track : Forget about the crowd during August season in front of Rome’s Coliseum or in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
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Rewarding : It’s all about learning about the local communities, the craziest secrets about the countries you’ll be visiting, the rituals of the indigenous people
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Push your limits : You will be trekking in winding roads, hike in the middle of the jungle during days with no WIFI connection but instead a true connection to nature.

By 2025, our goal is :

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To be an actor of more sustainable tourism for the protection of the planet and its populations :
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Contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint by investing in certified B- corp and innovative projects in partnership with South Pole.
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Invest 5% of our profit to plant trees in forests for you in partnership with Ecotree.
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Act against plastic pollution in the oceans in partnership with the NGO The SeaCleaners.


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It’s above all a community of travel buddies sharing the same values :
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More sustainable travels !

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More protection to nature and wildlife !

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More respect to local communities !


Why travel differently ?

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Why we created travel differently ?

We offer a new futuristic travel experience that supports local communities and places sustainable development at the heart of our priorities 🌎

How do we do it ?

Thanks to the help of our local partners (ecolodges, tour guides) and your contribution to global carbon neutrality. Together, we will make your journey the most unforgettable one ! 💚

What does Travel Differently do ?

We work with local guides who share the same values to offer authentic and sustainable travel that corresponds to your dreams 😍

What happens if I book with Travel Differently ?

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1- Get in touch

We will receive your request and ask you to choose a time slot in order to have a quick call with you (or chat by email).

2- Define your needs

 This will help us to define your request and expectations for the trip that you have chosen.

3- Meet your guide

Then we will plan a call with the local tour operator to give you more information, answer to your questions and customize your trip if necessary.

4- Check if everything is okay

15-days prior to your departure, we will organize one last call to check if everything is good before the BIG ADVENTURE!

Our Spirit

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Do you get goosebumps when you hear "adrenaline" ? Travel Differently has created true adrenaline tours for thrill-seekers. Join us on our next adventurous trip !

Authentic travel

Our community explores many off the beaten path destinations where no one goes to.
Let's explore unknown places together and develop a different attitude !

Sustainable travel

Jump onboard our next sustainable tours to natural or indigenous areas and engage in the protection of our home and local people.