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To be a true actor and a game changer in the tourism industry, we always ask ourselves:
" What if we can harvest the tourism ? What if we can think about the tourism differently ? What if tourism was based on helping local people ? What if tourism is actually investing and supported the places that people come to visit ?"
The key issue is not do we stop travelling it is how we get the travel, and we are here to help you with that !

Local communities

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Travel Differently supports tour operators that cherish the rural and indigenous communities. We help our travelers to create connections with the local people through activities and home stays. We encourage a two-way conversation, because we are convinced that travel is about education and that we should ask more questions in order to add value to the places that we visit!
Local communty

How wealth is distributed :


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Save the planet

In South America, our partners and local communities that we visit, work hard to protect their surroundings  to preserve the planet and their heritage. Travel differently supports programs that benefits the local communities and help to conserve the environment.

The TD team and its partners care about the places they offer to visit and we believe that tourism can help to improve environmental well-being, not damage the natural resources and environment.

We recommend the following activities be avoided to protect the natural environment and the people that live there :

  • Activities motivated by tourism that lead to the degradation of ecosystems, animal abuse.
  • Use of single-use plastics during the whole trip.


For each trip that you book with us, we donate to an environmental project : ECOTREE !

5% for the planet

Let's not lie, travelling releases a lot of CO2, especially by plane... ! That's why we try to limit as much as possible the greenhouse gas emissions in our programs (as often as possible, because it's not always easy in some emerging countries).
Our travelers contribute to reduce the carbon footprint thanks to our partner EcoTree (B-Corp certified), and our "1 traveler, 2 trees" program.
Our commitment is simple, every time a traveler books a trip, we plant trees. This is one of the actions we are implementing to offer a more conscious travel towards the planet and its populations !
Travel Differently's trees

Travel Differently reinvests for each trip (not including ecolodges) 5% of its profits to buy trees on your behalf !

Our goal is to build the Travel Differently community forest, where each traveler will have at least one tree in their name (if they wish) !
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For more information, here is their website.

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We believe that travel should be more than just a way to check off a list of tourist attractions. It should be an opportunity to connect with people and cultures, to learn and grow, and to make a positive impact on the world.

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More authentic travels !

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More protection to nature and wildlife !

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More respect to local communities !