What are the 6 sustainable travel myths ?

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February 27, 2023
sustainable travel myths

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The concept of sustainable traveling remains unclear for most people, usually associated with expensive and complicated travel.

It's really difficult to define "sustainable travel". There are different definitions for it: some call sustainable a trip that does not harm the environment, others believe that sustainable travel is a type of tourism without any negative impact. But are those perceptions correct?

Let’s overcome the most common 6 sustainable travel myths 👇

1- Sustainable travel is all about compromises

: Traveling sustainably means to sleep in a treehouse without electricity, water and it’s not safe. You don’t get the comfort you’re looking for during a vacation!

Reality : If this would have been the case, our partners wouldn’t exist. All of them prove in their own way, that eco-friendly and social initiatives are possible and can be combined with relaxing and luxurious standards.

Check them out here : Authentic travel

2- Sustainable accommodation are more expensive than regular hotels

: Those who travel sustainably, need to reach deeper into their wallets. Sustainable hotels are more expensive, as eco-friendly measurements need to be paid for.

Reality: A sustainable accommodation is not necessarily more costly. The sustainably accommodation can actually make you save some money! Environmental-friendly energy- and water saving measurements contribute to reduce financial spendings. These eco stays are of all ranges and their prices vary just like for regular hotels depending on the season and the country!

3- Sustainable hotels do not take the topic of sustainability serious

: Many eco stays preach sustainability to be called as an “environmentally friendly accommodation” to get attention.

Reality: There will always be people who pretend to be 100% sustainable or carbon neutral, but it’s not always the case.

But, there is always hotels that are very serious about this topic. We transparently tell about the green initiatives of our partners, who perform sustainability in their own way.


4- Being responsible means that I have to stay at home and renounce to flights.

: Traveling by airplane causes high CO2 emission levels. Therefore one needs to abandon flights completely to be totally responsible.

Reality : Of course environmental consequences of flights need to be recognized. However, there are countries that you can only travel to by plane but you should definitely plan a longer stay in the destination. When it comes to short distances, better switch to the more eco-friendly bus and train solutions. We also offer the possibility to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint with our partner Ecotree !


5- Bio products only during a sustainable travel

: When traveling sustainably, we will only eat bio products.

Reality: We do love bio! However, sustainability does not mean bio and vice-versa. Put your focus also on regional, seasonal ingredients. You have plenty of choices to contribute to sustainability when you want to !


6- Sustainable travel is limited to a certain type of people

: Sustainable travels are for those who eat vegan, walk around with a bag and are obsessed with nature.

Reality: Not even close ! With time, it gets more and more obvious, that people need to be more concerned how to travel more consciously. The protection of environment and local communities is a concern that has reached all societal spheres. In a sustainable eco stay you will meet all sorts of travelers – families, singles, couples and not only hippies !

The sustainable travel myths are misleading and hide the real picture !


When all is said and done, traveling sustainably, responsibly and ecotourism isn't as difficult as most people think. It just means being deliberate about your transportation, accommodation, food and the extra things you bring along, and it's not that hard to do. 


By removing the common myths from your worldview, you remove the social stigma attached to sustainable travel, and allow yourself to embrace it— especially if you too are in love with nature and your planet.

One of the finest things you can do for the environment and for yourself enjoying holidays is sustainable travel, which is a reality. It may be enjoyable or difficult depending on what you want it to be. Therefore, be careful that sustainable travel myths don't prevent you from enjoying ecotourism.

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